Bridging the European and Anatolian Neolithic
Bridging the European
and Anatolian Neolithic
Demography, migration, and lifestyle
at the advent of civilisation


The BEAN network and the work of researchers Mathias Currat and Nuno  Silva is the subject of a  profile in le journal de l'UNIGE.

The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration provides a complete exploration of the prominent themes, events, and theoretical underpinnings of the movements of human populations from prehistory to the present day. It includes thematic interpretations and theories of migration, as well as the significant contemporary scientific discoveries and scholarly interpretations that have reshaped the way historians and social scientists analyze and map the past.

BEAN Coordinator Joachim Burger was interviewed for the German documentary program "Scobel" as part of a series on palaeoanthropological topics. Watch "Palaoanthropology: the Influence of Culture" here.


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Ron Pinhasi, Mark G. Thomas, Michael Hofreiter, Mathias Currat, Joachim Burger

Trends in Genetics October 2012, Vol. 28, No. 10

How does Higher Education Remain Relevant in a Changing World?


BEAN partner Sofija Stefanovic (University of Belgrade) was invited to deliver a presentation about the training activities of the BEAN network at the Western Balkans conference on higher eductation.

BEAN manager Karola Kirsanow delivered a presentation introducing the BEAN network to the cultural heritage management and research community. The plenary session included opening remarks by the European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth, Androulla Vassiliou.