Bridging the European and Anatolian Neolithic
Bridging the European
and Anatolian Neolithic
Demography, migration, and lifestyle
at the advent of civilisation

Çiler Çilingiroğlu

Ceramic assemblages as evidence of social interaction in the Early Neolithic Balkans

Çiler Çilingiroğlu finished her PhD in 2009 at University of Tübingen and works currently as an Associate Professor at the Department of Protohistory and Near Eastern Archaeology at Ege University in Izmir, Turkey. She has participated in many fieldwork projects across Turkey, including long-term participation at Troy, and lately co-directed the Ulucak excavations. She has published on the concept of the Neolithic package, neolithization of West Turkey and various aspects of Neolithic material culture. Her doctoral dissertation recently appeared as a monograph from BAR International Series. Çiler was awarded in 2010 the German Archaeological Institute's Travel Grant, being the first Turkish citizen to receive this prestigious grant since 1859.

Selected Publications


-The Neolithic Pottery of Ulucak in Aegean Turkey: Organization of production, interregional comparisons and relative chronology. BAR International Series 2426. Oxford. 2012.
-Towards understanding early farming communities of Middle West Anatolia: Contribution of Ulucak. M. Özdoğan – N. Başgelen – P. Kuniholm (eds.), Neolithic in Turkey: New Excavations and New Research, Istanbul: 139-175. 2012. (with A. Çilingiroğlu and Ö. Çevik).
-Of stamps, loom weights and spindle whorls: Contextual evidence on the function(s) of stamps from Ulucak, Izmir, Turkey. Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology 22.1: 3-27. 2009.
-Appearance of Neolithic Impressed Pottery in Aegean and Its Implications for Maritime Networks in the Eastern Mediterranean. Turkish Academy of Sciences, Journal of Archaeology TÜBA-AR 13: 9-22. 2010.
-The concept of ‘Neolithic Package’: Considering its meaning and applicability. Documenta Praehistorica XXXII: 1-13. 2005.
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