Bridging the European and Anatolian Neolithic
Bridging the European
and Anatolian Neolithic
Demography, migration, and lifestyle
at the advent of civilisation

Christina Papageorgopoulou

Testing the assumptions of the Neolithic demographic transition through direct analysis of skeletal remains

Christina Papageorgopoulou  received her PhD from the University of Basel. In addition to teaching at the  University of Basel, she    has worked as a  research assistant at the University of Zurich's Institute of Anatomy and with various archaeological institutes both in Greece and in Switzerland. Christina  is currently  an Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral fellow in the  Palaeogenetics workgroup of the Johannes Gutenberg-University in Mainz. In March 2012 she began an assistant professorship  in the Department of History and Ethnology of  the Demokritus Univeristy of Thrace. Her  main interests and publications concern new methods in palaeopathology, variability in human growth and development, and the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in southeastern Europe.

Associate Partner
Department of History and Ethnology
69100  Komotini
Democritus University of Thrace