Bridging the European and Anatolian Neolithic
Bridging the European
and Anatolian Neolithic
Demography, migration, and lifestyle
at the advent of civilisation

Mathias Currat

Assessing the transition to agriculture in Western Anatolia and the Balkans using a spatially-explicit computer simulation approach

Mathias Currat is a biologist, specialized in human population genetics, teaching and leading a research on Human settlement history and evolution at the University of Geneva. He is currently Senior Research Associate at the unit of anthropology of the department of Genetics and Evolution. His research main themes are related to the combined effects of demographic variation and natural selection on the genetic structure of populations. One of his principal focuses is the peopling history of Europe through the analyses of genetic data using a computer simulation approach.

Department of Genetics and Evolution Anthropology Unit
12 rue Gustave-Revilliod
1211  Geneva 4
University of Geneva